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The LivForYou Foundation wants to help rally support for AJ Quetta and his family. AJ was in a devastating hockey accident that left him with a spinal cord injury, still unsure of what this means for him, we are coming together.


News of his accident spread rapidly through the local and professional Hockey Community in New England, and thanks to his sisters, across social media. They started a GoFundMe page with a target of $10,000 but has surpassed that amount with about $700,000 and still rising. That doesn't include donations from the Boston Bruins, Greg Hill Foundation, Robert Kraft's Pledge and many more. 


The Quetta Family; Anthony, Nicole, Elyse, Ella, and AJ, have been very close to the rotondo family & helped organize the LivForYou Foundation. The LivForYou family love runs very deep and for that we wanted to provide a way to help support his family.  AJ is going to need an extraordinary amount of support for an extended period of time. Any of the proceeds made from the sale of AJ's Army Swag will go directly to the family to help support his recovery. 


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