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 The Olivia Noel Rotondo

Memorial Cheerleading Scholarship

The Cheer committee chooses the recipient for the cheer scholarship based on outstanding dedication to the sport, school spirit, and academic excellence. The Foundation provides multiple scholarships (awards up to $2500) to a graduating Rhode Island or Massachusetts high school cheerleader that has been accepted to a college or University.

due date for applications: march 22, 2024 @ 10:00pm est

Scholarship recipients


Lauren Arpin, Cumberland High School



Madison Lemire, Cranston West High School



Sky Carrion, St. Raphael Academy

Gabrielle Constantini, Johnston High School



Jade Ramos, Mt. Hope High School

Jovanna Bell, West Warwick High School



Makayla Mauricio, Burriville High School

Lexi Diess, Westerly High School



Jayden Peacock, West Warwcik High School

Tessa Zuena, LaSalle Academy



Shannon O'Duggan, Franklin High School

Isabella Anelundi, North Providence High School

Alixandra Medeiros - LaSalle Academy

Emily Brown, Scituate High School



Amelia Fay, Lasalle Academy

Taylor Damaso, LaSalle Academy

Faith Fonseca, LaSalle Academy

Kaleigh Moran, Barrington High School


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