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2023 annual sunflower open golf tournament

2022 annual sunflower open golf tournament


2021 halloween virtual half marathon & 5k


2021 annual sunflower open golf tournament


2020 halloween virtual half marathon & 5k


2020 Sunflower Open Golf Tournament


2019 Sunflower Open Golf Tournament

Golf Tourney Packet Image.PNG

2018 Sunflower Open Golf Tournament

2017 Sunflower Open Golf Tournament

Ride For Liv

This year Maggie Saliba organized the RideForLiv event to raise money for the LivForYou foundation. We would like to thank all who rode, and those who couldn't attend but donated. Thanks to Charlie Finnigian, who instructed an amped up spin-class with high energy and lots of heart.  Special thanks to Maggie for organizing a successful event that raised $1000.

2016 Sunflower Open Golf Tournament

Mike Magerman, one of Olivia's close high school best friends, ran the 2016 Boston Marathon in honor of her spirit and his love for a dear friend. We couldn't be more proud of what he has accomplished!

David Rotondo(L) Mike Magerman(R)

2015 Sunflower Open Golf Tournament

In the picture above is, Gilda Boudreau. She is a close friend of the Rotondo family. Their daughters danced together and were friends through childhood. Gilda is running her first full marathon in Disney on January 11, 2015. She has been dedicating all of her training runs to the LivForYou foundation. Like Olivia, Gilda likes to challenge herself and live to her fullest potential, pushing herself further and further each time. Olivia would be so proud much like all of us. Gilda is dedicating her disney marathon to LivForYou and is raising money to donate to the foundation. If you would like to contribute to Gilda's fund, and help the foundation,  please click the link below.

The Alex and Ani Charity by Design event was a huge success! The Chapel View location managed over $9,000.00 in sales. The total donation from sales was $1,113.00.  A very warm thank you to the staff at Alex and Ani for putting on the fundraiser and making it a success.

An extra special thank you to all who contributed. 

2014 Sunflower Open Golf Tournament

The Sunflower Open charity golf tournament was held on September 8, 2014, at Blissful Meadows Golf Course in Uxbridge, Massachusetts.   With the support of our family and friends we put together an amazing event that far exceeded our expectations. Thank you to our donors, sponsors, and golfers, we managed to exceed our goal.

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