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Our mission is to inspire and educate young people to take responsibility for the power of their choices and to Liv Right. 

(from left: Hannah, Olivia, Sarah)

Our Story


The three of us (Olivia, Sarah, and Hannah) met in 8th grade at Mount Saint Charles Academy and we just kind of clicked. By senior year, we knew we were going to be friends for a very long time. You know when you 'just know'? That's what it felt like. It was one of those easy friendships where it didn't matter what we were doing or where we were going, we knew it was going to be a great time. We criticized, respected, loved each other, and laughed at each other without holding back. We couldn't have ask for a more genuine friendship. 

We went off to different colleges away from home and in different states. Coming home to hangout with each other were some of the best times we had together. We were each so so soooo different, but it just worked. Olivia brought the three of us together and completed our friendship in a way we did not fully realize until she wasn't here anymore. When we would have sleepovers, we were too lazy to blow up the air mattress for the third person, so we would all just squeeze into one of our queen sized beds. Olivia always called the middle spot so that she wouldn't fall off - one of the many things we miss about her. 


She was the glue to our perfect tripod. She was the buffer between our dissagreements and we miss her place in our friendship every single day. Without her infectious laughter, 'carpe diem' attitude, simple life advice, and great sense of humor; our lives have drastically change.

That was the thing about best friends; like sisters and mothers, they could piss you off and make your cry and break your heart. But in the end when the chips were down they were there, making you laugh even in your darkest hours.

- Kristen Hannah

When Olivia died, it was a shock to everyone. At first it didn't seem real. There was so much chaos going on, that there wasn't much time to reflect on the situation. Our friends had just gone back to school, so everyone was trying to get back home for the services. Three of our friends were getting on planes to Europe to study abroad for the semester. Our best friend's face was on the new's labeled as "the girl who died at ezoo." Reporters were calling us asking us about what happened and about Olivia. Reporters were asking the family for a statement. Texts of condolence from friends and family were swarming our phones and there were so many arrangements to be made. To top it all off, Olivia's body was a crime scene. They had to do a full autopsy, so we couldn't bring her home from New York City until that was done. Articles were being written about her or had her name in it, facebook posts about the electric zoo festival and the girl who died, were a dime a dozen.


At 20 years old, we thought we would be enjoying and stressing over our junior year of college, finalizing our majors, turning 21, maybe interviewing for that dream internship. It didn't happen as we planned. If someone asked us then, what the worst thing that could have ever happened to us would have been... Olivia's death would have been at the top of our lists. 

(from left: Maggie, Brianne, Emily, Sarah, Tessa, Alyssa, Hannah, Kristina)​

We tried to think about the silver lining in this tragic situation. We knew how we felt and that we never wanted someone else to go through what we were and still are going through. We also knew that one of the reasons this happen was because young people, don't know the dangers of 'Molly' or MDMA. We began traveling to any high school we had a connection to. We told the kids our story, and we told them what we wished we had known before Olivia went to the festival. We've traveled to seven different schools, given over 20 talks to class assemblies, health classes and group of students who need to know about this. If we save just one person from the pain and grief of these past few years, it will be worth it. We want to travel to many more school and colleges to tell seniors in high school and college freshman to be aware of the misconceptions of drugs that may be available. There are better ways to fill ones curiosity and trying any drug is like playing Russian roulette. 


We want to come talk to your school! please e-mail to request information about our talks and check out our testimonials in the link.

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